Our Seat Manufacturing division is run by adopting an international quality standard.
The seat frame is composed of rigid and high precision formed square tube.
And the sponge in cushion and backrest are both manufactured by using freeze foaming and forming techniques.
 Our seats' product range:
Bus Seat, fixed and reclining seats
Ferry/Boat/Ship Seats, both fiberglass and reclining seats
Train Seats, revolving seats

Technical Specification 

Main Frame :   Canal ā€œCā€ 25x25mm

  Finishing  :  powder coating                                           

Plate SPHC   : 2,3 mm

                    Steel Tube : STKM 11, 2,1 mm

Foam           :  Cushion foam   Density 55 kg/m³±5%.

                      Back foam        Density  45 kg/m³±5%.

Cushion Frame Wire Zig ā€“ Zag

Armrest Folding (optional)

Reclining Seats    : Gas Spring ex Germany

Weight                  :  28.5Kg (Double, 2 Passenger)