Assembly Line (Contract Manufacturer)

Jasa Perakitan Kendaraan Niaga, Penumpang, Truk dan Bus (Passenger and Commercial Vehicle - Truck and Bus)

Body Repair and Paint - Restoration

Assembly Line complete process: 

 Body welding line ( spot welding) 

 Metal finish line

 Pre painting line


 ED Electro Deposition  process


 Spray booth

 Oven booth

 Trimming chassis line

 Trimming interior line

 Trimming finish line

 Testing line

 Brake test

 Side slip test

 Spooring Balancing

 Pre Delivery Inspection

 Quality Control Post

 Quality Assurance Post


 Import Configuration : 

 CKD Complete Knocked Down

 SKD Semi Knocked Down

 DKD Dismantled Knocked Down

 IKD Incomplete Knocked Down

 Automotive Parts including Passenger and Commercial Vehicles



 Bus Chassis

 Heavy Duty Truck

 Medium Duty Truck

 Light Duty Truck

 Mini Van / Minibus

 Special Vehicle


 Dump Truck

 Self Loader

 Motor Cycles

 Heavy Equipments ( Loader, Dozer Excavator, Backhoe, etc) 


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