PT. Delimajaya Carrosserie Industry

Karoseri Kendaraan:

Bus, Special Purpose Vehicle, Food Truck, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Dump Truck, Tow Truck, Manhauler, Defense Vehicle, Armored Vehicle, Delivery Truck, Mixer, Arm Roll etc

Auto Body Manufacturer

PT. Bahtera Putera Abadi

Metal Works Fabrication

Heavy Equipment Attachment: Operator Cabin, Safety Guard, Cover, Railing, Grapple, Bucket, Guide Track, etc 

Engineering Project: Steel Structure

Seat Manufacturer: Bus, Train, Ship

PT. Auto Assembler Indonesia

Assembly Plant for Automotive in CKD, DKD, IKD, and SKD format : Truck, Bus, and Passenger Cars

Process: Body Welding (Spot Welding), Automatic Jig, Engine Assembly, Painting, Trimming, Chassis, Final (TCF), Testing and Finishing

Armored Cars : SUV and Sedan