Quality Assurance

Quality work in the product development process
From the idea to the product, from the product to the customer and from the customer to the idea: quality management delivers processes and methods for turning this cycle into a success story.

Quality planning
We set quality targets and draw up quality plans right from the product idea. Quality management supports every stage in the development process with preventive quality techniques. These include all common quality planning methods, such as Design Conformance Report.

Geometric matching
We use consistent geometric matching to ensure that the parts will fit right from the very start of volume production and as support in defining points of reference (clamping and attaching concepts).

Colour matching
Being able to gauge the shade, shine, surface and grain of plastic components or painted exterior and interior parts is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing today. The solution is consistent colour matching.

Supplier quality assurance and development
Supplier quality assurance and development means monitoring a part supplied over the entire product lifecycle.

Our people in prototype building and low-volume production are responsible for the entire process from the released drawing through to vehicle launch.

Coaching and consulting
Dealing with incidents and problems quickly and learning from them, efficient reporting, recording all deviations from targets, problem tracking from initial reporting to the solution
Training, advice and assistance in continuously improving the management system

Process management
Planning processes and process modeling and methods for checking that objectives are achieved, pinpointing potential for improvement and setting targets, operations planning and the relevant documentation are all part of process management.