Production Process

The DELIMAJAYA Production System makes vehicle assembly here a very stable, reliable process, thus guaranteeing high standards of quality. We gear processes to a wide variety of requirements and can therefore meet customer specifications, underscore the individual brand identity and deliver excellent results.


Furthermore, we thoroughly monitor each step in our production system to make sure it runs efficiently and complies with Standard Operation Procedure. Starting from the initial process: material calculation, issue of Bill of Material, procurement of Material Requisition, goods warehousing; up to production process, such as: component parts fabrication, metal structure process, paneling, body assembly, painting, interior trimming, electrical and mechanical installation, and finishing. Every division along the process has their own supervisor who responsible to confirm that the product is free from any defects before it rolls to the next process.


In order to alleviate long process and elapsed idle times, we implement ‘Docking System’ to shorten and save production time by manufacturing the structure and body first before it is finally bolted or docked onto chassis.

This system not only gives customer a quicker delivery time but also improve quality in terms of preciseness and maintenance. 


DELIMAJAYA is also concerned with the after sales service issues which often trouble our loyal customers. Therefore, we come out with solution by providing component parts that are manufactured based on standard size using fixture and clamp on high-precision jigs, and can be installed and applied from one to another. Supposed a customer from out of town, needs a new set of door. He can simply order it by phone or email to us, and we will ship the new set of door right away to the designated location. It saves a lot of time and costs as well, rather than sending the vehicle back to our factory will consume transportation and take longer time. We also guarantee that the door or any other parts can be installed easily since it is manufactured based on standard size.


The DELIMAJAYA Production System, a symbiosis of employees and systems, is implemented in the entire process chain. It ensures high levels of employee motivation, competitiveness and product quality at DELIMAJAYA.