DELIMAJAYA is operated under IS0 9001:2015 "Quality Management System", this allow us to do timely maintenance on our equipments and machines. Keeping records and monitoring maintenance schedule of every machine to ensure smooth production running with no interruption due to equipments. This well-implemented system, therefore, introduce an effective and cost-efficient production control system .

In auto-body building process, we implement a "drop-on system/docking system" to make delivery time more efficient while improving its quality. Our team put the end-user’s demand in the first place as our main concern, every process is strictly monitored and supervised by Quality Assurance Department. The quality is controlled while it is being produced instead of near to finish, we inspect and double checking every possible reject in the production line ,give on-the-spot guidance and supervision to preserve the overall quality of products. We're also equipped with Testing Facilities such as Leak Test, Brake Test and Road Test ,and finally to ensure our products delivered in pristine condition to customers, Quality Control Department has Pre-Delivery Inspection done.